How to Become a Member

Kad Ahli KU

1. Visit Payment Counter Pasaraya KU Branch.
2. Payment follows the price of the member card that you bought.
3. Fill up Application Form.
4. Return filled Application Form to Payment Counter. Application will be processed.
5. Member can start using their Kad Ahli KU to collect points immediately.
6. Members can choose to register themselves through Pasaraya KU’s website under the section of Kad Ahli KU.

Kad Silver KU

1. Make sure Kad Ahli KU number starts with 7299-0204-xxxx-xxxx
2. Bring along Member Card that needs to be switched to Pasaraya KU branch.
3. Fill up “Borang Permohonan Tukar Kad”.
Please be sure of the correspondence address.
4. Member will receive a Temporary Member Card.
This card can be used to collect points.
5. Kad Silver KU will be sent to member’s residence by registered post.
6. Members will receive Kad Silver Ku within 3 weeks.
The received card doesn’t require activation and can be used immediately.