Terms & Conditions

  1. Giveaway cash voucher starting from 15 February 2020 to 31 March 2020 in all Pasaraya KU branches except Pasaraya KU Kamunting branch.
  2. Cash voucher valid to use before expire date. Reprinted cash voucher, no signature and no outlet chop is invalid.
  3. Pasaraya KU will not responsible to replace any cash voucher was lost or damaged.
  4. Every cash voucher only can be redeem one time only, purchase should be in a single receipt and cannot be exchange with cash.
  5. Giveaway cash voucher is open to all Pasaraya KU customers who meet the specified purchase value. Requests for more cash voucher will not be entertained.
  6. Stock of giveaway cash voucher is limited and given while stock last.
  7. Customer not allow receive cash voucher and use directly on the original purchase receipt. Cash voucher valid to use on next purchase only.
  8. Every cash voucher can be use to purchase any Pasaraya KU item.
  9. If customer make the payment by using cash voucher, customer will not eligible to get the cash voucher again.
  10. Pasaraya KU have authority to add, change or amend terms and conditions that contained on here anytime without any notice.
  11. Cash Voucher expired on 15 April 2020 is still valid until 31 May 2020 ONLY