Corporate Social

CSR is a commitment for the corporate leagues to increase the community’s harmony through their business practice and contributions given. In short, CSR means that the company cares about the welfare of the clients, workers, stakeholders, community and ecological concerns in all aspects of the company’s operation.

As a company that care about the social responsibility towards the general public, the company always ensures the prices offered are affordable. This is in line with the company’s slogan “Spend Wisely, Low Prices Everyday”. After 20 years of operations, the company’s name is getting known among the locals, especially those in outback areas, which is our target audience.

Besides offering affordable prices, the company is always working towards fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility so that it can give benefits to the society. In commemoration with the lucky draw that took place in Pasaraya KU’s Taiping branch on 10 Jan 2009, the company has launched a new project named “Rumah Inspirasi Ku”. The name was chosen because, with the support of our loyal customers, it has given us inspiration to provide to the involved organisations up to RM 1 from every sale of our recycle bag. The selected organisations are those near to our branches. This project is our first step to contribute to those who are less fortunate.

Our hope is that this project can bring a smile to those less fortunate by lessening their financial burden. If this good deed can receive encouraging reception, it is possible that we will continue with similar projects in the future.