Kad Ahli KU

Kad Ahli KU

The Member Rewards Card is a rewards program that was specially created for our customers as a sign of gratitude for your support. Without it, we would not have expanded our business so fast.

With the launching of the Member Card program, Pasaraya KU hopes to understand our customers deeper. This Member Card can be used to collect points every time you spend at any Pasaraya KU branches.

The Points collected can be exchanged with cash voucher and that voucher can be used in any branches of Pasaraya KU. Customers can enjoy modern ways to spend without carrying money with them. The Points collected don’t have an expiry date. As a member of the Pasaraya KU Member Rewards Card, you are invited to attend every event launched Pasaraya KU in the future.

Spend RM 2 = 1 KU reward point

Kad Silver KU

Kad Silver KU was created as an act of appreciation to all Pasaraya KU old members which hold card number 7299-0204-xxxx-xxxx. Old Kad Ahli change to Kad Silver KU programme was launched on May 2013 and this programme was runned for 6 years and 8 months. Purpose runned of this programme is to giving a chance for members to change their old Kad Ahli to Kad Silver KU. Regret to be informed, this programme was ended on February 2020.

Kad Silver KU holder can get more benefits such as 1 reward point will be awarded for every purchase of RM 1 compare with normal card holder only can receive 1 reward point for every purchase of RM 2.

Spend RM 1 = 1 KU reward point