What can I do if my Member Card is lost or broken?
Kad Ahli KU
For lost and broken Kad Ahli KU, Members have to buy a new Member Card from the Payment
Counter. Fill up the Member Card Application Form and tick “Lost/Broken Card” on the area above
the Application Form. Return filled Application Form to the Payment Counter.
Kad Silver KU
For lost and broken Kad Silver KU, members have to visit Pasaraya KU Payment Counter. Then, pass
your identification card to our staff for checking. After verification, RM 8.00 will be charged for a new
Kad Silver KU replacement. Members have to fill up the card replacement application form and the
new card will be sent to your residence through registered post within 3 weeks.
Will my points from before be cancelled if my Member Card is lost?
No. After you bought the new Member Card, the collected points from the previous card will be transferred to the new Member Card in the span of 14 working days.
Should I inform Pasaraya KU if I have moved my address or changed my phone number?
Yes, because this will help us give our best service, latest info and promotion to you. Members can choose to update your info from time to time on the Pasaraya KU Members website or fill up the Kemaskini Maklumat Ahli form that you can get from the Payment Counter.
Can I collect points while enjoying Members promotion while there are concurrent contest of special promotion for Members?
The Terms and Conditions for awarding points might be different regarding the contest or concurrent promotion. You can refer to the terms and condition of the concurrent promotion.
What must I do if my purchase is not registered in the Member’s account after a long period of time although I used my Member Card during payment?
For every purchase, its transaction can be checked in the Member’s Account after 7 working days from date of purchase. You can contact the Member Care Line 013-431 0000 during the set time to make a report, and our Member Care Officer will be there to help you with your concerns.